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My dear Serra you're so great and thanks god you're with us. It's a great pleasure  for us to make this trip with you

I didn't count how many times I read it, but there's one thing I know. Thanks god, you have touched our lives at a time when life tested each one of us differently, Serram. Thanks God. Thanks God

Serra, you have been a wonderful energy and a great power. I felt it when I was with you, but you're also so powerful from a distance. You sum it up so well. Thank you.

I was surprised when I learned that there was no such thing as coincidence and no one ever entered our lives just like that. I understand it better every day.

So glad I have you. In a vast ocean you are the land I have explored.

I have been feeling great for the last couple of days, doing everything you said.

My dear Serra thank you so much for everything you made me feel great again. You have been a source of enlightment

Thanks God our paths has crossed. Just at the right time, just at the time I needed most.

Believe me, I've felt like I hit the rock bottom this last week. Everything was fine, I didn't know what happened? It must be the exhaustion of the whole year, I said to myself. Trying to be tough all the time is hard enough. I precisely felt I must do something. I think we took the first step on this road yesterday. Thanks a thousand times for giving me the power I needed  to shake myself off. I'm ready to move forward with your advice and guidance. 

I'm as lucky as anyone whose paths have crossed with your way, Serram. Every sentence you said, have became guidelines that illuminates my way.

Serra müthiş bir enerji. Öyle çok inanıyor ki sizin de inanmak dışında bir alternatifiniz kalmıyor. Hem mesleki etik değerlerine, anlatım/ aktarım becerisine, hem de samimiyetine şapka çıkarıyorum. Bende pek çok farkındalık yarattı.

Son zamanlarda en büyük zevkim sizin videoları açıp dinleyerek mutfakta yemek yapmak. Hem elim işliyor hem zihnim. Öyle iyi geliyor ki ruhuma.

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