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Life Strategist Serra Elci grew up objecting to social dogmas from a very early age.  At the age of sixteen she started her inner journey in search of the truth and undertook considerable training at home and abroad.

Serra has many areas of expertise, in which she is actively engaged.  These include Mentoring, Breathing Specialist, Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Brain Profiles, Human Designs and Meditation.  She provides coaching sessions, seminars and training programs with the aim of improving her clients' quality of life.  She works holistically to help those who want to return to their true identity.

Serra aims to remind people of their true identities.  She guides individuals, who have problems in major areas of their life.  These might include relationships, finance or health related issues.  She leads every one of her clients to discover their own miracle.  Her greatest mission in life is to enable people to build lives in which they will live in love, abundance, health and success.

After studying at The University of the Bosphorus, Serra spent time living in New York.  She is married and has children aged twenty one, nineteen and eleven.

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